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MangaFY was built to help artists focus all their work in one place: collaborate, manage your manga or comic workflow, chat, set deadlines and tasks, and turn your story into a ready-to-be-published graphic novel.
Grow as a graphic novelist
Join a vivid community of creators (writers, illustrators, editors, translators,
and inkers)
Build your team
Open a project and collaborate with the community and build your team
Management Tools
Manage the production process of your manga or comics and team workflow via dedicated tools
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The future of graphic novel
We believe that in today's digital age, producing your own comic book or manga should not be an obstacle. As such, we have designed simple tools for aspiring and freelance artists to take their stories forward towards a visualized novel - in easy steps.
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Privately and securely work on
your graphic novel idea.
Our tools allow you to
manage your storyboard and page scripts, define your characters.
Grow with new teammates,
invite team members to your secure workspace and collaborate together by setting tasks and ease of communication.
Seamlessly send files between the team and exchange ideas until you have a finalized graphic novel at hand.
Once you are done working on your novel you can easily publish it through MangaFY on any of the leading
self-publishing platforms and begin getting followers and monetize your work.
Simple and stright-foward.
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community today
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