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Igg Askar-25- has it all-everything a young man could aspire for;
A steady job, apartment, friends, family and a relationship.
Although it seems his way to happiness is set he finds himself unimpressed of it all and is quite indifferent to his life.
Igg truly believes somewhere out there is a place for him to find himself and be appreciated and fulfill his destiny.
Following a huge opportunity, the company he works in has received the cooperation of the two companies- programming a new game in Japan Igg is sent to meet with his counterpart and present the project.
Once in Japan-before the meeting Igg travels to mount Koya to see the ancient temples.
Suddenly a thunderstorm begins and heavy rains fall upon the mountain, while fleeing from the storm he can hear a voice calling out to him from one of the temples behind him that catches his attention, he enters and immediately plummets down into a hole in the ground that at its end is a blinding light-once his eyes open he discovers he has fallen into a parallel universe in Japan; there he is to fight and save a kingdom from a dark dictator and retrieve the destined princess.

How To Participate

Let's collaborate, here's what I look for

Looking For - Illustrator

-Please DM for more information about work and price ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Buy us a bubble tea

It freed us to be more creative
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