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Hi! Another story of mine this one is a bit creepy but I think it was really interesting and so I have decided to write it, MSOME, LOVE CUFF, and this one was made in the same year and time when my brain was so productive in imagining things and also it was of course part of what I had go through as an illustrator and webtoonist.

A woman in the age of 20 was found dead in her house in the middle of the night after a year that part of the apartment was abandoned but still the owner opened it for people who wants to have a cheap room for a while.

And there goes our protagonist who is also a girl she is very alike to the girl who passed away in that room and the ghost of this girl decide to manipulate her body time to time as it becomes fragile am not still sure if she will take over the body or not but I had planned this already.

It was entittled the webtoonist as the woman who died wished to become one but failed to do it due to some issue and the other girl right here who is still alive manage to do that and the ghosts started to be jealous about it she thought she was helping the girl but in reality she is killing her to work all night.

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