Diamond Age

Project Description

This is a completely innovative comic series, set in a future Planet Earth where diamonds are used as an infinite energy source, technology and magic are used simultaneously and humans live in society alongside other creatures belonging to the mythical folklore, such as elves, orcs, vampires and werewolves. 

The story centers itself around Zack Vitallis and Alex Vastagus, two operatives from OPSENS (a private contract organization that specializes itself in solving cases not even law enforcement agencies can solve, most of them revolving around fringe science, conspiracies and supernatural events). The two main characters will slowly get involved in events with the power and magnitude of threatening the stability and integrity of the world they live in.

The series will have 5 big seasons, each composed of at least 20 small arcs (or sagas), all related to a main storyline. New characters will appear, and the main characters will get stronger, smarter, wiser and better at what they do as the story progresses. The main characters' build and improvement will come within the context of "Realism within fantasy", which means their improvement will be mostly based on new weapons, body enhancements and new fighting moves, and will pair the increasing strength of the enemies to come and the complexity of the challenges they will face.

If you're willing to open and expand your universe, join us in this unique crusade and witness the birth of a new and unique story!

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