Wu Xing comic

Project Description

A manga style comic about a sheltered boy discovering his destiny in a mystical, corrupted land. Inspired by Chinese legend and mythology, this is a long-running story that takes a long time to produce! Our goals are to learn how to make a comic, tell an engaging story, become better writers and artists, and get faster at producing pages! We will eventually be looking for paid assistance in various areas. Not yet, but someday!

How To Participate

Let's collaborate, here's what I look for

Looking For - Mentorship

-We would love to have others working on comics to talk to, support, learn from, and commiserate with (lol). We are new comic creators and would love to meet someone with more experience! No pay can be offered for this, but no strings or expectations are attached either. We are mostly looking for like-minded, experienced creators to chat with occasionally!

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