Sunny’s story

Project Description

Did you ever wonder how stories were crafted? 
In the way some read, you can only wonder who had been there; like the unseen witness immersed in every detail, even more than the writer; the true writers of all human creation.

What if I told you that every story exists in a universe or world and portals to these worlds lie behind letters and words. 

Every piece of fiction or story dabbled in, is a work of recorded history.

They are the explorers of worlds outnumbering the stars that you're not allowed to know about. 
But I have lost everything and I don't care anymore.

I used to live among them, was one of them.
These people called Blotters possess the tool called, the Quill. 

This is my story, I could get in so much trouble if anyone found this book but I can tell you, as I've said, I don't care anymore.

 I have nothing left to lose.

They'll tell you I'm crazy or have a wild imagination and it's only another work of fiction, that's fine, I don't want to be believed. In fact the more you doubt my accounts and find it only an engaging fairy tale the better for your sanity.

So dear recipient do with this as you may, I don't care.
Perhaps I can finally have some closure to this past after it's finally spilled.

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