Restless Spirit: Exorcism

Project Description

Inspirations for this story were Demon Slayer, World Trigger, and Detective Conan. This story follows a brother and sister as they begin their journey as exorcists in order to free themselves from a curse. This is one of four stories that take place in the world I’ve created. So far I’ve come up with main and supporting characters, important events that must happen in the story, a decent power system, and a handful of arcs. I do not have a solid plot yet and that’s what I really need help with as well as smaller antagonists. I, unfortunately, am not very good at drawing so I do need artists and colorists. I’m also open to anyone who wants to help with writing and editing the story. Once this project starts making money, I do intend to pay those who help.

How To Participate

Let's collaborate, here's what I look for

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