One Life

Project Description

After the apocalyptic shift, almost all of the remaining humans were transformed into magical beings- with tolerances and powers to match!
The new king built in the image of the old world, and 200 years later, dryads and orcs go to school and become productive members of a utopian system.

In three stories, i will explore their world, and myself.
In one, two friends haphazardly stumble through the settings, one seeking happiness and peace, the other seeking an end to the search.

In the second, an old married couple flees and fights monstrous magical mercenaries after one breaks a divine deal to bring the other back from the underworld.

In the third, a middle-aged freshly-orphaned slob ends up deep beyond the treeline after their peers shirk their grief. After spending a great deal of time alone, then with a found mentor, they learn strength and independence, how to be gentle(r),and connect.

All 3 tales intertwine, superficially or intrinsically.

I'm open to constructive criticism.

How To Participate

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