Project Description

Description: Iggy won an Olympic Gold Medal in figure skating 12 years ago and owns the local ice skating rink. At a charity event at the skating rink, a recent Paralympian, Bryan, makes a play for Iggy. As their romance blossoms, Iggy learns that his life might have not been over at the last Olympics he went to and that the past 12 years can be rewritten as we learn both their histories throughout the series.About the Collaboration: I am a character designer and writer but would like an artist to help me get these scenes on paper. I need someone to help to refine my sketches and get those ideas to come through artistically. I have references and some designs. I am willing to collaborate on some aspects of the story and collaborate on the art. I have a different files that I can share to help you and some sketches for different characters.

How To Participate

Let's collaborate, here's what I look for

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