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Here is a my story!

Hi! I am Trexie you can call me everything you'd like I dont mind 😊
I am a passionate illustrator and I do writings too but only for fun, I write things that I actually visualize in my mind it doesn't have a specific time or mood it just come in very unsual event 😅 I am not serious about it but I am more into illustrating and expressing myself within my artworks 🤣

I am an Illustrator/colorist/writer
I Make Cover Arts/Character sheets/Panels etc.
I Do Humans/Humanoids Only.

Note this is my official account :P dont mind the other one



Spring Collaboration event 2022

Collaborations again not much of rules but here ya go.Theme; Spring/Flowers/refreshing/nature/Characters count: none even one character is acceptable/A touch of pink/No genre requirementThe upload will be through Drive link so please once you've join here comment ur email and webtoon link. (there are also rules attached in that link so I wont need to explain here much)Deadline: June 15 2022 - will be posted in June 17.Template is downloaded in drive in transparent form please don't change our template I'll be the one to compile everything with intros and outro pngs so please follow the rules given in drive link.That's it have fun! only one drawing per creator :D


Short Fantasy/Adventure Mangafy contest entry

Hello, I (Trexathena) & my partner (Yuuta) worked on this project together to join mangafy contest. Story is about traveling with a mix fantasy feels of castle upfloating in the clouds. The mains are our OWN Characters and these are 100% draw by us enjoy reading!



Hace has it all, a loving family, a bunch of friends, and fame. She'll soon will be the ceo owner of their clothing brand company. But her life suddenly change after her parents died at an accident which is partly her fault, Hace loves her family so much but she hates the for following her around, but she didnt know that their death will also be the reason of a sudden change she will be going through. Meet Hace, a girl who's skin is gray, literally. find it weird? maybe she does but nope.

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