Π‘over artist
Character Designer

Here is a my story!

Hi! I am Trexie you can call me everything you'd like I dont mind 😊
I am a passionate illustrator and I do writings too but only for fun, I write things that I actually visualize in my mind it doesn't have a specific time or mood it just come in very unsual event πŸ˜… I am not serious about it but I am more into illustrating and expressing myself within my artworks 🀣

I am an Illustrator/colorist/writer
I Make Cover Arts/Character sheets/Panels etc.
I Do Humans/Humanoids Only.

Note this is my official account :P dont mind the other one




It's a project that needs a lot of details and study so I will need some writers and editors in this one in the future :3 It's about ruthless behavior of a living partner of Jade our main character. It is the abusive relationship Jade had experience after she left their own house and abandoned her family to leave with this kind of man she doesn't even know could change.

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