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Here is a my story!

Hi, I do the big write.
More seriously though, I'm a nerd and have a concerning obsession with military shit. So that's what I write. My main project doesn't have a set name yet. But I'm making good progress and shouldn't be long before I have it done. 
I've also got the artistic skills of rock.



[ON HIATUS] ACT I: The Star Child

It is the year 221 AE. Nearly two centuries have passed since Earth began moving its expanding population into orbiting ark like space colonies. A new home for mankind. Woefully unable to escape their nature. A new sub-race of humans rose up, exclusive to those born on these colonies, calling themselves Star Children. They Organized under the banner of the Star Crossed Oligarchy (SCO). Seventeen years ago, the SCO launched a war of independence against the United Gaia Alliance (UGA). The fighting lasted ten long years. The SCO dominated the early war, but things quickly fell into stalemate. However, new technologies fielded by the UGA at the Third Battle of Titan tipped the scales of power. Infantry equipped with Powered Exoskeletons smashed the SCO Star Marines while humanoid mechs (Walker Gears) operated by individual pilots shredded the SCO Navy. In two years, the UGA Star Corps squashed the rebellion in space. It is the year 221 AE. The Unification War is still remembered as a fresh wound as the UGA suppresses those that would speak out. Since the Third Battle of Titan, Mechs and Exoskeletons have become common sight and military standard issue respectively. Lance Corporal Jaime Olwson leads his Weapons Team in these peacetimes. However, tensions are mounting as the remnants of the SCO have reorganized under the banner of the Mahpee Rebellion. Jaime's buried past is wrenched up from its grave as humanity prepares for a new war.

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