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Here is a my story!

Hello ^^ 
Nice to meet you (◍•ᴗ•◍)
I'm a beginner artist and writer, I love anime and manhwa.. a bit vintage gothic and awkwardness 



Script writers: Noblesse Crown

A avatar the expression for a sub reality user. ----One day woke up as a side character within a novel, along a mini mascot called a persona. A multi universe filled with fiction, a play for the unknown. A transmigrated beings called avatars who play out the story for magic, an their original memories. (Avatar) became a female knight named Eirlys, the former commander of the knights daughter who was forgotten. Abused by her step mother and brother, she ended her life, as avatar was transmigrated into her life. A novel that will be altered, an knight that will exact revenge, and a mysterious deity who adores chaos.

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