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Hangover’s Autumn Lover

Hello! I am looking for a manga artist to draw for me. I am a new member so I am not sure how it works. I would be willing to collaborate. [Unpaid] Synopsis Raiden, 17, is a young teenager who has the ability to create illusions, he can only create these when he senses someone or something in danger. He creates illusions in the eyes of the individual to trap their mind inside a fantasy world which is a lie. Whilst fighting back the enemies causing the trouble. But, He regrets it until he meets Liya. Character Outline: The story consists of 2 protagonists, a 19-year-old Liya Nilsen who was raised in Norway by her mother. Liya ran away from her abusive father at the age of 11. She hasn’t heard from her mother since then. And a 17-year-old, Raiden who was raised in Tokyo. Both his parents were well behaved and loving but his father was so much different. Liya Nilsen is a 19-year-old International Student Studying Veterinary in Japan. She works at a Convenience Store at a Gas Station near her Flat. She is a White European young girl. She has mixed eyes, Brown Light Hair with Bangs, and is slim. On the other hand, Raiden is 17 years old, who possesses the ability to hallucinate. He is in his final year a few months before finals and is turning 18. Raiden has Black Curly Long Hair, Light Hazel Eyes. He wears a Japanese Kitsune Mask to hide his identity. Chapter 1 The Story begins with Liya and her co-worker stocking food and beverages on the shelves whilst watching TV at the gas station they work at. Liya and Naomi talk about cute and handsome celebrities like Toshiki Kadomatsu or Tomoko Aran. Liya finishes her shift and drifts off home. Liya happens to walk through a different street than usual and sees some men commenting on her body. “Look at that chick!” She walks sprint fully and 3 guys approach her. They ask,” Are you interested in going out with us, we’d be happy to know you a little bit” But Liya refused and pushed them aside as she experienced this before. Liya ran and the guys were in confusion. They think she’s been either possessed by a ghost or has a mental health disability which causes her to act like this. Liya ran and was glad to lose them. She continues to walk. “Almost Home” - Liya said gladfully. The area she is in now becomes crowded by people and lighting. She feels safe. Some girls and guys ask her if she's interested in having ramen with them. But, Liya refused since she had uni the following day. She continues to walk and gets to the end of the street where she sees her flat. Liya gets ready for bed and doesn’t know that outside her flat there is a guy standing in a Kitsune Mask. “Goodnight” - He says. Liya turns her lamp off now transitioning to another scene of her in class waking up to the sound of a door slam. Note: Not sure what will go in between Later, Liya has finished her class and is about to leave the University. She is walking. Distracted by the Notebooks she is holding and reading. Liya accidentally walks onto someone and they both end up kneeling down to pick them up. Not until they freeze in look. The person in front of her has Long Curly Hair, Hazel Alluring Eyes. This individual is wearing a Sky Blue Jumper with a Plain White Shirt underneath it, a pair of Grey Trousers with Brown Leather Shoes. Whereas, Liya with Short Light Brown hair and Beautiful Blue, and Brown eyes. Wearing a Pickle Sweater along with A Brown Leather Over Knee Pleated Skirt, and High Heels. They stand up, both with different stuff in their hands that don’t belong to them. Liya slightly blushes with her head low when she reads the application that belongs to the man in front of her. “I see you’re applying here..” - Liya Said Happily as she looks up to the Young Man. “I guess I am..” - Raiden replies as he smiles at her. “What position are you applying for? Raiden” - Liya asked as she smiled back. “Architecture” - He replies. But He adds, “May I ask, What’s your name?” and Liya replies, “Liya. Liya Maiken Nilsen” ... [This is an unfinished chapter that is still in progress] I want to produce a manga in the 90s style format, or hopefully an OVA. If you are interested in collaborating, please email me on malenadufl@outlook.com

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