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Here is a my story!

I’ve been writing stories that I either want to become light novels or mangas. 

I have a been working on a action/adventure/fantasy series called Restless Spirit for the last 2, almost 3 years, mostly building the world and coming up with characters. The story follows a twin brother and sister who have just finished their exorcism training.



Restless Spirit: Exorcism

Inspirations for this story were Demon Slayer, World Trigger, and Detective Conan. This story follows a brother and sister as they begin their journey as exorcists in order to free themselves from a curse. This is one of four stories that take place in the world I’ve created. So far I’ve come up with main and supporting characters, important events that must happen in the story, a decent power system, and a handful of arcs. I do not have a solid plot yet and that’s what I really need help with as well as smaller antagonists. I, unfortunately, am not very good at drawing so I do need artists and colorists. I’m also open to anyone who wants to help with writing and editing the story. Once this project starts making money, I do intend to pay those who help.

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Demi legends. The downfall of heroes

Blue is a simple green bunny girl who dreams of being a legend like her parents who are the country's finest. But since she was born hearing impaired her parents discourage this fearing she will break her hearing aids and be unable to fight. Blue now fears that with no one to teach her how to wield her Maka then it will never develop to where it can be activated and she will have wasted her potential and any chance of her dream of becoming one of the great legends of her time and maybe that ever lived. She stumbles on a yellow dog named Huke who becomes the only person to teach her the way of Maka though he is the same age as her. However, his help triggers something inside her and she becomes someone that she can’t control or comprehend and her father has to apprehend her. Embarrassed and ashamed of the destruction she caused, the last thing she expected was an invitation for a proper education from one of the best schools in the world after the wise Madam gave a reading of her potential and possible future. The request even came from the president himself. With her parents not able to deny the request Blue enrolls in the school her prodigy sister has attended for years. Everything seemed to be going fine, with making friends and some enemies while learning in an academy where she can finally proceed in the chance of a lifetime the capital is suddenly attacked and overtaken. Being a legend is now a crime and Blue finds herself fleeing for her life as her parents and the rest of the protecting legends flee in the opposite direction seeking help. Blue is upset there is nothing she can do as well as fearful, not to mention she is now stuck with no one else but the few enemies she had made at school, including Huke who she hasn’t talked to since that day that changed everything between them. Now the children must come together, but they won’t have anything to do with each other. With each of them bickering they end up accidentally getting their mentor and only protector killed whose dying words to them is to find the blood wolf. With great regret and horror, they escape to the town where whispers of the blood wolf roam. However, the person that they come to meet is not anything they would have ever expected and the question of if they can come together as a team and help save their dying county hangs on a thin string of hope This is a story of accomplishment even in the most hopeless situation life hands us. Each character has their own struggles and obstacles to overcome so they can succeed. They fall more than they win but they never give up. I hope to make a story that will encourage others to never give up

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