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  • #Looking for creators
Looking for Creators who wish to get paid for their job!
#Looking for creators
Jeff Warsmith
  • # #Mangafycoloringwednesday
  • ##colormyartwork
  • # Mangafycoloringwednesday
  • #colormyartwork
MangaFy story
# #Mangafycoloringwednesday
coloring wednesday yey
Nathan Selders
  • #Mangafycoloringwednesday
MangaFy story
This is a piece I made for inktober last year and I am sharing this for #Mangafycoloringwednesday please feel free to go nuts with the color I want to see how awesome you make it, and remember to have fun!
Jeff Warsmith
  • ##colorist #anime
  • ##anime
  • ##mangafy
  • ##animecolor
MangaFy story
##colorist #anime
hello ... i do love to color =)
    hello! This is my startup ;)
    Jeff Warsmith
    • #Color
    • #Mangafy
    MangaFy story
    Colored By Me =)
    Raina Meginley
    • #sketchartist
    • #lineart
    • #characterart
    • #OC
    • #romanticcomedy
    • #supernatural
    MangaFy story
    I'm a writer, storyboard artist, and line artist who is looking to collaborate with a good sketch artist. The story has already been written out. Story Summary: A demon boy reluctantly teams up with a witch, who lives alone in a mansion and has turned her parents into dolls, in order to gain back the other half of his heart and break the spell she's put over her parents. Troupe: Enemies to Lovers(Friends) If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out! (I designed, sketched, and did the OC's in the attached picture. They are for another manga I'm working on. So please don't steal it.) I just wanted to attach it to share that I get it, and I am an artist too. I just prefer drowning in the words vs drawings. :) Thanks!
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