How to build your webcomic fanbase

® Rami Rozen March 10, 2021 ·3 min read ★

Congratulations, you've published the first chapter of your manga or comics, be it via self-hosting or self-publishing popular platforms (Webtoon, Tapas, etc.). Now comes the question - how do we get new readers and grow our webcomics fanbase?

In this article, we dive into a few strategies that will help you promote your work.


Mingling with fellow creators on social media or online forums (FB, IG, Twitter, Pixiv, deviantART). Introduce yourself and offer to collaborate with the community on their work, posts, or share from your experience all while making sure you follow the community rules.

Networking with other manga and comic-book creators is a key opportunity to learn from them on how they put new fresh eyes on their work, and how you can replicate it.

Multi-channel reach

Publish your comics on multiple platforms (MangaCat, Tapas, Webtoon, etc.) as you can. Also, share links to your work on relevant channels on Reddit, Discord, Twitter, FB, etc. The more places we post, the more we increase the potential of exposing our webcomic to new readers.

Stand out, make posts of your work unique.

Frequency Posting

The more we update our work and meeting deadlines (like a new chapter every two weeks), we keep our readers engaged. On self-publishing platforms such as Webtoon and Tapas, the more frequently we update and upload new content of our webcomics, we increase the odds of new readers discovering our work.


An important virtue. The more experience we gain the more skilled we become. Our webcomics will not become an instant hit overnight, and attracting readers and standing out takes time. Develop your craft.

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