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Hi There! If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me – spending most of your time writing at your desk, in-front of a computer or a notebook, hoping to one day see your vision turning into a graphic novel (comic or even a manga!).
Updated March 04, 2021
And, if you ever thought about self-publishing your work, you have multiple windows opened all over the place – browser for Google docs, Power Point, Word, Excel, and on, and on…

1.1 https://mangafy.club/, hereinafter referred to as "the Seller", publishes the Public Offer on realization of Services placed on the Seller's official website https://mangafy.club/.

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Meet MangaFY, a digital platform for the artists, viewing each (aspiring or freelancer) as a potential business, inspiring you to connect with fellow community members, open a project and collaborate, all while utilising our in-platform management tools to take your idea from story to a fully digital product, ready to be monetised and published. Come and make the next big IP, our platform is for you.

Our team has vast experience in the online scene, and we are all avid fans of all comic, manga and anime…and our vision is clear – to grant a platform that simplifies the self-publishing process by encouraging collaboration between artists, remove the skill gap, and deliver in-platform production tools that will ease the production process. Thus, nurturing the artist community, making new authors, and generating new, original content.
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