Creating A Project and Collaborating

MangaFY makes project management and collaboration on your web-comic or manga as simply and efficient as possible.

Before finding your desired collaboration partner, you need to open up a project.

How to open a project on MangaFY?

First Enter MangaFY and open a project (free or paid collaboration). Once you are at your folder - click on the project you wish to start with:

MangaFy article projectsMangaFy article card story

After that, go to the STORYBOARD slide and begin to work on your project (story, characters, etc.) and you are also able to invite people to collaborate by pressing the FIND A PARTNER tab:

How to invite collaborations to your project on MangaFY.

MangaFy card story board

This will open up the FIND A MEMBER section of the MangaFY community, allowing you to search for the relevant person you see fit for your project (be it a writer, illustrator, editor, translator, inker, etc.):

MangaFy search

Enter a members profile and invite them for a collaboration by pressing theINVITE TO COLLABORATE button:

MangaFy portfolio

Once pressed a window will open up so you can reach the member with what type of collaboration you are looking for. Once done - press SEND INVITE.

MangaFy send invite

Note: it is important to fill out the "your message" section to keep it as personal and detailed as possible.

Once done, the member you shared an invite with will get both an EMAIL NOTIFICATIONand an ALERT on site, notifying them of your reach.

MangaFy notification

Once they approved you will get notified as well and can begin communication and work on the project together.

We can't wait to see what your collaborative efforts and team will achieve. Ready to work on your project?

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