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How to get started with MangaFY

Hey, thank you for visiting MangaFY! Where we encourage creative creation in a collaborative environment. On MangaFY, aspiring and freelance artists do things together. Be it an amateur writer or illustrator or a freelancer inker, editor, or translator - open a project, and start collaborating on taking your manga or comic or novel idea from story to a ready to self-publication product.

Sounds cool? how do you get started, you ask?

Simply, as ABC! First, let's register to the site: A. Go to the - MangaFY log-in pageB. Go to the "No Account yet? start your journey, and press it.

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C. It will lead you to the start of your profile screen where you feel your name, your artist role (are you an illustrator, writer, editor, inker, translator, etc.), your email, and desired password. And no, worries you can change it later.

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D. Once done, you will get the following window - press the "Create Your First Story" button:

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Note: building a detailed user profile is extremely important - it is your calling card for people to reflect on your works, story, what collaborations you are looking for, and connections with the community. Hence, be as detailed as you can be.

Here you will also share info about you, where you draw your aspirations, what types of collaborations you are looking for, and under which language.

F. Once done - you'll be able to start working on your project and look for collaborations.

That's it, you are now also officially logged into MangaFY - Mazal Tov! 🥳 You are also able to configure your personal profile by pressing in the upper banner on "Profile":

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Under Portfolio - you can hyperlink your works from various places like Webtoon, Tapas, Behance, DeviantArt, etc.

Under Services - what services you offer and what is your price-rate, i.e - illustrator - how much do you take for 1 page, color page, etc. What type of collaborations you look for, free, paid, etc.

Welcome! Now, it's time to train and be creative, go to the MangaFY platform, and share with us a panel from your upcoming project/story. Have a friend who also dreams of learning cool things? loves comics or manga? or has a story he wants to turn into a graphic novel? bring him over to MangaFY :).

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