What To Include In Your Portfolio: Ultimate Guide for Graphic Novel Creators

It's all about the portfolio! Consider creating portfolio pieces that will demonstrate everything you can do for an editor or possible co-book. creator's You want to show off anything that will set you apart from the competition, and having interesting backgrounds and being competent at all the other things will undoubtedly make you an exceptional candidate. At MangaFY, we considered the most convenient option to host your portfolio and greet the globe with your strongly "Hello world" greeting.

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We understand that putting your information out there in the public eye can be scary, but editors and creators are always looking for new talent and agree before any collaboration you would love to have with this talent. Seriously, your portfolio is the finest method to show off your personality.

Although the list of creators outnumbers the amount of labor, it's useful to know who to contact for any project that arises. As a result, if you want to be such a person, you should concentrate solely on your portfolio.

There's no need for a spectacular website with a fancy domain or anything. At MangaFY, you may create a profile for your work that includes a brief bio, previous works (both images and scripts), social media links, and, most importantly, genres you enjoy working with.

There are a ton of factors that go into whether or not someone is a good fit for a project and most of those come from seeing sequential page samples.

If you don’t have art to work on and practice with, there are templates and such you can use to practice your colouring and lettering skills.

But again, no matter what: the most important thing is always to have a way that you can be contacted - so use chat and happy collaboration!

If you have questions, corrections, or any tips you’d like to add to this piece, please reach out to [email protected] and us know.

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