Manga Speech Basic

Mina Petrovic March 30, 2021 ·3 min read ★

Hey All, and welcome to yet another Manga basics tutorial thanks to our in-house resident advisor and staff member, Mina Petrovic (aka Mistiqarts) 😊 This time, we will cover the basics of doing Speech and SFX basics when writting/illustrating a Manga. Ready to start reading? we hope you enjoy.

In this article, we will teach you about creating sound effects (or “onomatopoeia”). Such a process of creating a word that phonetically suggests the sound it comes to describe. For example – “Crash”, “Swoosh”, “Meow” or “Bang”.

So, what is a panel? Panels are being used in all forms of graphic novels from western comics to web-toon and Manga. A panel or multiple-panel sequence of a comic strip consists of a single drawing acting as a frozen moment. They use it to create an ongoing story.

Here are a few examples:

So...what are the basics? how do we get started?

We hope you enjoyed reading. Give a warm thanks to Mina for sharing or experience with us.

Make sure to check out or website, books and other cool content on her website: social channels, including Youtube.

Now, let's get creative, show us how you emphasis effects in scenes in your story. More to come :)

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