Manga Speech Basic

Mina Petrovic March 30, 2021 ·3 min read ★

Hey All, and welcome to yet another Manga basics tutorial thanks to our in-house resident advisor and staff member, Mina Petrovic (aka Mistiqarts) 😊 This time, we will cover the basics of doing Speech and SFX basics when writting/illustrating a Manga. Ready to start reading? we hope you enjoy.

MangaFy speech basic

In this article, we will teach you about creating sound effects (or “onomatopoeia”). Such a process of creating a word that phonetically suggests the sound it comes to describe. For example – “Crash”, “Swoosh”, “Meow” or “Bang”.

So, what is a panel? Panels are being used in all forms of graphic novels from western comics to web-toon and Manga. A panel or multiple-panel sequence of a comic strip consists of a single drawing acting as a frozen moment. They use it to create an ongoing story.

Here are a few examples:

MangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basic
So...what are the basics? how do we get started?MangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basicMangaFy speech basic

We hope you enjoyed reading. Give a warm thanks to Mina for sharing or experience with us.

Make sure to check out or website, books and other cool content on her website: social channels, including Youtube.

Now, let's get creative, show us how you emphasis effects in scenes in your story. More to come :)

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