The most popular self-publishing platforms for graphic novels

The most popular self-publishing platforms for graphic novels

In order to choose the best self-publishing platform for your graphic novel, you should first learn about the two major types of platforms

  • Do-it-yourself self-publishing platform: This type of platform is exactly what it sounds like. In our opinion, DIY options are severely limiting for authors. You’ll need to handle all the pre-production stages yourself (or collaborate at MangaFY), including book cover design, editing, interior layout, marketing and more.

  • One-stop shop self-publishing platform: This platform will cover all your self-publishing needs under one company’s roof. This option is especially suitable for folks who either don’t have the time or inclination to do all the work themselves but still want to enjoy the benefits of self-publishing such as retaining their copyright and publishing rights and keeping creative control.

Do you prefer to do everything on your own? If so, the do-it-yourself platforms are most likely ideal for you.

When we created MangaFY we marked a target - to provide simple and dedicated tools for aspiring artists to collaborate and manage their production cycle to turn their story from an idea to a digital comic or manga ready for publishing.

We know artists often find themselves being challenged in a number of various ways. Not only by how to self-produce but also where to self-publish once your work is done. Luckily, the internet has blessed us with many solutions for artists to monetize their work.

At MangaFY, once you are done with your comic or manga project - you can easily upload it to any of the major platforms available. We breakdown our recommended platforms below:

Webtoon: Leading the front are Webtoon, a mobile platform that is constantly rising in popularity with over 100 billion views annually while while averaging over 55 million monthly active visitors. In addition, they have 15M daily readers - a perfect place to publish your work and monetize it.

Tapas: Another major platform, Tapas was recently acquired by Korean giants Kakao. Tapas has a large creators community with over 92,000 published stories. With several ways to monetize your work - you can easily publish your work on the platform and expose it to millions of readers.

MangaCat: Another great platform to showcase your work. Allowing artists to receive 50% of the revenues when their work is being read. Their community can also assist in translating your work into multiple languages, allowing your work to spread across the globe.

Link to MangaCat:

Lezhin:Hosting hundreds of webtoon and cartoons, cartoons, Lezhin is one of South Korea's largest webtoon publishers. Their content is created by professional and amateur creators alike,

Kobo Writing Life: Less known than the above, Kobo is a self-publishing platform for manga writers. Users can publish their manga through Kobo Writing Life. It is more popular in Japan, but creators from all over the world can publish manga.

VoyceMe: a great new self-publishing platform for graphic novel writers, they host high-quality novels (manga and comics) and allow creators easy signup and posting within minutes. They also offer great opportunities for creators to generate and promote their work.

We look forward to seeing your work. Got a great story to tell? publishing it in any of those great self-publishing platforms above.

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