MangaFY's Production Management Tool

Now that you opened your profile, added your portfolio and defined your project, outlined your story and type of collaboration you are looking for - it is time to get to work. Upon assembling your team, the next step will lead you into the MangaFY production management tool.

First, what is the MangaFY Production Management Tool?

MangaFY is a collaboration platform, but also a management tool to provide artists with a one-stop shop for the production of your story from an idea into a fully ready-to-be publishing novel. The tool allows you to easily manage your script, page outline, characters, and proper flow to work and communicate with your fellow team members (be it illustrators, editors, translators, etc).

How can I reach the mangmant tool on MangaFY?

Easily, go stright into your desired project and enter it:

MangaFy projects

Once you are inside your project go to upper bar and select STORY BOARD option:

MangaFy card story board

From here, it's pretty straightforward as we kept it simple and organized to have a suitable follow to for you and your team to work on your project through 6 simple sections:

MangaFy card story board

The first section is the story bible and plot management. Here you write the bible (world overview) of your story).

Second section of the story bible is to define your characters:

MangaFy create cards

Enter characters of your tale, from main to secondary and background characters you wish to include into the production of your tale. Give them names and story backgrounds that will help your team and illustrators understanding the concept you aim to achieve.

Third stage is the Manga and Page layout script. Define how many pages your work will include, add the text and scene description for each page so your team can draw and illustrate it.

MangaFy create script

The fourth stage is the digital illustration section. You can use any of the sample templates provided and of course you and your team can upload and customize your own. Matching between the page and scene scripts and their panel illustrations smoothly and easily in one accessible place.

MangaFy background

The next step is to upload and organize your team's digital work. Compiling it into one finalized and ready to be published manga or comic book.

MangaFy upload

At any moment you can timely manage your team by adding tasks on the "Add a Task"button, or if you wish to expand your team via the "Find a Partner" button" on the right of the screen, during any stage of the production management tool.

The comments section, the tabe right to the story board, team members can leave comments to one another.

MangaFy comment

In the team chat you can easily communicate with your fellow team members constantly, all is accessible to you in terms of talking with your time, adding tasks, getting key inputs, uploading panels, and more - to ensure YOUR COLLABORATION is a success.

MangaFy message

Once done, the final stage is - PUBLISH, where you take your final work and upload it to any of the top self-publishing platforms to begin sharing your work with the world, gain followers and monetize.

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