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For creatives, showcasing your work is vitally important. Your portfolio is your shop window — what you put on display and how you dress it, is important to how you are perceived. It connects you to potential employers, clients, and opportunities. And it helps you to grow your network, which you are nothing without. In the world of the graphic novel, the situation is not different

Your portfolio has an important role to play, so it needs to be great!

First of all: Simple, clean and to the point.

People will spend seconds looking through your portfolio! Make it easy to scan and view your (best) work.

Create ‘About Me’ Page or Section

People hire and collaborate with people, not portfolios. That’s why your portfolio should not only provide an impactful description of what kind of job you’re looking for but also who you are. The “About me” section/page is ideal for in-depth information about your passions, favorite genres, and interests as well as your current level of expertise. Adding the “About Me” page/section is also a great way to humanize your portfolio. However, don’t try to write your entire autobiography on that page. Your “About Me" page should be concise and to the point, similar to other parts of your portfolio.

Put a Heavy Emphasis on the Writing

Many portfolio websites start with a list of projects – designers simply display their works to their visitors. While it’s perfectly fine to let your work sell itself, it’s always interesting to read about the person or team who created it. Remember, people hire people, not portfolios. That’s why it’s recommended to put your writing front and center, even before your visual work.

Make Your Contact Information Prominent

Your contact information is one of the most critical elements of your design. It’s vital to make sure that it’s easy for visitors to get in touch with you. Keep all your social links in one place.

Present Your Talents

When it comes to presenting creative talent, nothing can beat a portfolio. You can showcase your work to potential clients, and they will use your portfolio to determine your experience, taste, and, most importantly, your ability to solve real-world business problems.

Improve Your Organizational Skills

A portfolio will help you to stay organized. A portfolio is dynamic and everchanging, tracing your creative evolution. Since you need to update your portfolio regularly, you’ll learn how to structure and prioritize all your projects. In MangaFY you can find a task on a daily basis

Learn New Things

A portfolio will encourage you to learn new things. Spending time on it is a great way to flex your creative muscles. Working on a portfolio will help you jot down your thoughts about your design process, as well as experiment and try different techniques without taking too much risk. This creative freedom will make you a better designer.

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